Jo, det finns en tänkande vänster och ja, de sågar Naomi Klein

“Indeed, The Shock Doctrine isn’t a critique of the market as such, but rather a vehicle for warning of humanity’s rapacious and destructive nature in general. So Klein pilots a raft of deeply reactionary and utterly conservative arguments that sound closer to the old aristocracy’s loathing for the French revolution than they do to a manifesto for human progress. She argues that the problem with rapid capitalist development after a disaster is that it dislocates people from their ‘community’ and their past – exactly the kind of guff that traditionalist conservatives have long criticised the market for. Here, Klein uses an unappealing mix of therapeutic psychobabble and mushy sentimentality to try to convince us that it’s better to repair what we have than rebuild from scratch.”

Frihetligt marxistiska Spiked recenserar Naomi Kleins Chockdoktrinen (via Svensson). Mera motorsågsmassaker av Chockdoktrinen av Johan Norberg och Boris Benulic finns här.